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SenFluence for Developers - Documentation

To get started with SenFluence for Developers, you will need an API key. The unique API key will be provided to you once your account is established.

Making a Request

The SenFluence for Developers API uses standard web requests which can be made directly or using your preferred programing language or framework.

Here is a sample URL:{your API key}&keyword=iphone&format=json&exclude=microsoft&include=apple

Using Curl
curl -G \
    -d key={API Key} \
    -d keyword=iphone \
    -d format=json \
    -d exclude=microsoft \
    -d include=apple
Using Javascript
var url = '' +
          'key={API Key}' +
          'keyword=iphone' +
          'format=json' +
          'exclude=microsoft' +
var req = new Request(url);
    .then(function(response) {
Using Ruby
require 'open-uri'
url = ''\
    'key={API Key}&'\
req = open(url)
response_body =
puts response_body

Matching Options

Matching options define what results are searched for using the SenFluence for Developers API.

The keyword= Option

The Keyword= option is the basis for all mention tracking. The keyword may be a single keyword, for example iphone, or a phrase such as "iphone case".

Phrases should be enclosed in quotes. Phrases should not contain commas, unless you intend to match only text that contains the comma in the phrase.

The includes= and excludes= Option

You can further control matching by adding includes= and/or excludes= opitons.

includes= and excludes= options a single word, for example leather, or a list of comma separated words such as leather metal.

When using the includes= option, your main keyword will only match if the included word or words are also found. All words (keyword= and includes=) must be found.

When using the exclude= option, your main keyword will only match of the excluded words are not found in the text. This is very helpful in excluding results that do not apply to your needs.

Language Filtering

When using the lang= option along with an ISO-639 Country Code, SenFlunce for Developers will attempt to limit results based on their texural lanaguate.

While we make our best effort to filter by language, we do our best to detect the used language, however there are cases were we are unalbe to detect the given lanaguate.

Exact Matching

If the keywrods= option includes multiple words, the default is to show partial matches in addition to an exact match, which can result in more results but less strict matching.

You can use the exact=1 option to make sure that your results contain all words of a search in all cases, in the correct order. All you need to do is enable the 'exact' parameter by setting it to true, and results that don't include an exact match on all your words in the correct order will be omitted.

keyYour API key as provided when you created your account.
keywordThe primary keyword or phrase to search for.
formatFormat can be "xml" or "json" by adding &format=xml or &format=json
SourcesSources can be filtered by adding &sources= with a comma delimited string like ‘&sources=twitter,tumblr’
excludeExclusions work just like sources, a comma delimited string of words you don’t want to appear in your searches. Includes work the same way, with &exclude= replaced with &include=
includeA single word or comma separated list of words that must also be find to trigger matching
langLanguage filtering by ISO-639 Country Code. Example: lang=en
exactWhen set to 1, exact matching will be used.
sentimentSentiment analysis can be enabled by adding &sentiment=true to the end of your request URL. Keep on mind that enabling this feature adds some processing time and may slow down large requests, adjust your calls accordingly.
{blank}Match using all sources.
tumblrInclude results from Tumblr.
twitterInclude results from Twitter.
redditInclude results from Reddit.
google_plusInclude results from Google+
youtubeInclude results from YouTube.
instagramInclude results from Instagram.
flickrInclude results from Flickr.
bingInclude results from Bing.
newsInclude results from news sites.
facebookInclude results from Facebook.


Each call to the API outputs a maximum of about 1,000 results from all sources at once, in around 1-3 seconds. Every time it’s called, the results are fresh and different. It is a real time feed of all incoming data from all sources. This raw data is intended for users to be able to build their own databases with no delays, and its expected that the end user does their own data analysis and grading on their end, not ours. There is NO archival data when you call this API -- you must have your own SQL database that you store these results in!

When sentiment analysis is enabled, the queuery will take longer.

Example Results from Tumblr
    "title": "New York City Maps Nyc Subway And Travel Guides",
    "content": "<img src=\"\" height=\"200\"><br/>New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Navigation Travel | iPhone App |301379165| **** $3.49 -> FREE #Navigation #Travel 4+ #iPhone #App #iOS <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a><br/>Tags: iphone, Navigation, Travel",
    "link": "",
    "source": "tumblr",
    "date": "1504824427",
    "language": "NA"
Example Results from Twitter

Twitter results incorporate Retweets and Favorites

"id": "2808100664",
"title": "check this beautiful designs! #PR #senden #mobile #iphone",
"retweets": "0",
"favorites": "0",
"influence": "88",
"content": "check this beautiful designs! #PR #senden #mobile #iphone",
"link": "",
"source": "twitter",
"date": "1534244648",
"language": "EN"
Example Results from Facebook

Facebook results incorporate Likes and Shares

"title": "Apple’s iPhone 8 Could Be Harder to Find Than a Nintendo Switch: Difficulties in screen production may seriously curb availability",
"shares": "2",
"likes": "19",
"content": "Apple’s iPhone 8 Could Be Harder to Find Than a Nintendo Switch: Difficulties in screen production may seriously curb availability",
"link": "",
"source": "facebook",
"date": "1504824986",
"language": "NA"
Updates History

Feb 3, 2019 - Added quotes for phrase matching and language filtering with the lang= option.