Intelligent Listening Solutions

Monitor and Analyze Social Media and News Media

SenFluence for Developers makes it simple to integrate social media and digital media monitoring data into your application or website.

Monitoring data is provided in near real-time and is continuously updated. You can filtered monitoring data to focus only on the information you need.

SenFluence for Developers - API Results

Add SenFluence to your Application

SenFluence for Developers makes it easy to supercharge your APP or website with media monitoring data without the need to create your own web crawler and analyzers. We take care of it all for you.

Create Your Own Media Monitoring service

SenFluence for Developers give you access to the real-time data your customers want. We monitor social media and digital media and provide powerful sentiment and influence data out of the box.

Add Media Monitoring to your Analytices

Using SenFluence for Developers, you can integrate media monitoring data directly int your analytics or reporting solution. Our API uses industry standard technologies, making it easy to consume information directly where you need it.

SenFluence is Easy to Use

SenFluence for Developers provides API endpoints in both JSON and XML and is updated in near real-time.

Read our API documentation!

See how easy it is to integrate SenFluence for Developers! Check out our documentation to learn more.

SenFluence is Affordable

SenFluence has plans that fit the budgets of most organizations. If you have special requirements, let us know. We are happy to see if we can find a solution that fits your needs.

Many businesses rely on SenFluence for their media monitoring needs. Join today to start enjoying the benefits of powerful media monitoring data.

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